You loved The J Mag for its unflinching love for jewellery and the way it connected jewellery to the younger audiences through digital platforms.  with all your love and support, we are now expanding our horizons by adding luxury and fine living to our portfolio.

The new avatar will be built on three prime pillars - Luxury, Fashion and Premium and aim to create a unique digital reading experience for those who love to explore luxury on their screens.

Our designs and content speak for themselves in terms of authentic information, greater ideas and bringing - to - life images making every page richer and more layered in a sense when their numerous influences are explored simultaneously.

The J Mag is widely distributed globally via digital newsstands and other digital platforms. The all-new J Mag is here to create an impact in the world of luxury with is new features and performances to build a richer orchestral experience for the readers.

The J Mag is created and managed by a team of dedicated media professionals. With a combined experience of over 75 years in media & communications and an ever-positive attitude makes the team JMag ploughing forward even in these challenging times. 

The passion to give only the best and the skill to execute keeps them on top of their game.




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