Beds That Will Bring The Excitement To Your Bedroom

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

From starting your day to ending it, choosing the right bed has become crucial decision of your sleep sanctuary. With wide variety of options out there, the selection

must solely be based on personal choice for the most private area of your house. Mirania Luxury Living aims to help with that decision by the following ideas:

Wonderous Wooden Bed:

One can never go wrong with a wooden bed, especially if you are someone who wishes to keep changing the interior of the room. Simple yet aesthetic tone provided by it will go with any colour palette of your choosing while giving you the durability and customisation that comes with it!

Mystic Murphy Bed:

Also known as the wall or fold-down bed, it is the one best suited for bedrooms having less floor area. Hinged vertically against a wall or a pull-out option, this bed consumes very little space. Hence, provides the owner the luxury to be creative with rest of the place!

Frame Bed: Available in both wooden and metal styles, these are the most common beds available owing the comfort it provides. A-frame bed is one that has a frame around the bed to hold the mattress or the mattress foundation in order to make sure that is not disturbed by squeaking, creaking, sliding, and more. If you prefer a good-night’s sleep over anything, this is the bed for you!

Pictorial Platform Bed:

If you are looking to add a modern touch in your bed chambers, then look no further! The platform bed gives you the much awaited update into the contemporary aesthetics that. Apart from the artistic looks, they are also known for being sturdy and durable. Buy this budget-friendly bed to make your room light up with little to no effort!

Chic Canopy Beds:

With the origin dating back to 1800s, these beds recently gained popularity thanks to their dramatic and aesthetic vibe. One can use plain white curtains hanging from the top to achieve a minimalistic look or a rich tone to embrace the maximalist desire!

Round Bed Radiance:

If you aren’t looking for something common, round beds are the answer to your needs! They are as comfortable as traditional ones but often seem to provide a zen-like experience which is a must for a good-night’s sleep! The possibilities for accessorising are endless and it will work wonders for any room it is chosen for.

Uber Upholstered Bed:

Velvet is your answer if you are looking to add that luxurious vibe into your bedroom. It will easily become the centre piece of the room while the high-quality fabric providing the elegance you so want. It oozes that inviting feel which a bedroom should offer you when you retire after a hard day!

Serviceable Trundle Bed:

What better than trundle beds to utilise for guest or kids room! Considered as the real space savers, these beds are ideal for a small bedroom or to accommodate more than one person. Kept under the regular bed and pulled out as and when required, they will make your kids thankful at their sleepover!

Sleek Sleigh Bed:

Inspired by ancient Roman and Greek bed style, a sleigh bed has curved headboards and footboards. They are considered traditional as well as durable and will last you for a long time. They are heavy but that’s the cost to be paid for longevity!

Floating Bed:

Just like the name suggests, this bed seems like its floating! A new addition to the modern designs, this bed has caught the eyes of many with the ever increasing popularity. If your room has a narrow and long layout, or it is quite spacious, floating the bed in the middle of the bedroom is definitely an interesting option to consider: An added benefit is that you can get new storage space on the side of the headboard, that space which is usually lost in the standard solution.

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