10 Steps To Your Dream Modular Kitchen

1. Embrace The Openness:

People are stepping out of the traditional ideas of kitchen designs and welcoming change. The biggest and trendiest one being to have an open kitchen. Now, there can be many reasons for this shift, majority one being that it gives the cook an opportunity to not be just contaminated to one section but to socialise while preparing the meal. By a simple act of opening up the floor, dinner time has in true sense become a family time!

2. Upgrade your metals:

If you are hoping to see a significant change through minimal efforts then all you must do is to change those outdated hardware. Thanks to such an ever-evolving market, innovation and modern fixtures have become the eye-catchers of many. With the material variety ranging from stainless steel to brushed gold, making your food temple sleek has just become easier.

3. Focus On The Flooring:

Even though flooring covers a vast space in your kitchen, it is often neglected. Modernise your kitchen by legging go of the material from the past and welcome timeless materials, say wood. Not only will these material last longer but they will also bring a significant boost to the space.

4. Unnecessary Upper Cabinetry:

Nothing could be more traditional than having walls and walls of upper cabinetry. Though they have been proven to be functional, a simple alternative can be a shift to open shelving for those decorating crockery and the bottom cabinets for the rest. This will remove the sense of crowdedness and make the kitchen seem freer.


Customise the Countertops:

The importance of countertop cannot be overstated, which is why it becomes necessary to give the materials deep thought before finalising on one. Transition from the old tile-and-grout to the wide variety being offered in the market, such as marble. If out-of-the-box is your style, you can add brick to your list of choices too.

6. Secular Seating:

A modern kitchen understands and accommodates your daily hustle instead of creating the early morning congestion. This has been achieved by addition of seating arrangements to the kitchen. Countertop stools have become a must for the fulfilment of this department, giving the kitchen a whole new charm.

7. Ensure Sustainability:

At a time where global warming is at all-time high, one must take their carbon footprint into account. While transitioning to new appliances, checking their carbon efficiency holds utmost importance. Is there a better win-win situation than saving water & energy while enjoying the modern look, we think not!

8. Renew to Reuse:

Contrary to popular beliefs, you can create a whole new look for your kitchen without cutting a whole in the pocket. By using unchallenging means of painting and staining the existing cabins, you could give them a new life. If that’s up your alley, choose vibrant colours such as blue or turquoise and replace those outdated, dingy cabins of yesterday with new ones!

9. Light It Up:

Once the interiors have reached the final stage, it is time to light up the kitchen to showcase them! Avoid making the lighting an after-thought and pre-plan it to avoid any complications later. A great hack could be to install a dimmer switch, which will provide your kitchen the versatility for different occasions.

10. Do The Décor:

In this final stop, feel free to let loose and decorate it to your liking. Be it through adding small plants on the cabin or filling that display shelf, don’t let anything hold you back. The easiest way would be to add a flower vase or a crystal bowl filled with lemon to give you that colour pop.

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