10 Ways To Create Your Living Space Into An Instagrammable Pictorial

Looking to make your living space more Instagrammable? In these unprecedented times, adding that extra zing into your living space is a definite way to lift those work-from-home blues. Mirania Luxury Living provides you a demonstration of how to get that picture perfect space with minimal effort:

Light it up:

There can be no better spot light than the natural sun so use that to your advantage. Swap the placement of the furniture where the sunlight directly radiates, which will in return bring the whole space to life. Furthermore, shall allow one enjoy the golden hours of the day.

Colour Coordinated Palette:

Each colour has its own unique personality. Choose a colour that speaks to you the most while making sure it coordinates with the whole vibe of the room. For instance, adding shades of hazel and coffee coloured accessories will add an earthy feel to your space, providing a luxurious yet neat environment.

Go Green:

Plants are the easiest way to enhance a whole room while providing it the aesthetic it needs effortlessly. They can be a game changer for the awkward spaces like an isolated corner or an empty space under the stairs. Plants are also proven to be extremely good air purifiers, allowing you to ease to comfort and yet making your space aesthetic to the eyes, a two for one deal!

Play with Pillows:

You can never go wrong with pillows so use them to your advantage. The possibilities are endless, from the 5 pillow rule to mix & match to those bold pillows which are admired often.

Curate a Collection:

The house speaks the language which you choose, be it through filling those shelves with family photos or hanging a large portrait on those empty walls. Hence, do not shy away from framing your collection of memory portraits and while you are at it, accompany them with art work.

Mirror Mirror on the Wall:

The effects of mirror are underrated. Apart from providing a decorative touch, adding mirrors to your space will provide a sumptuous touch to make your space feel bigger and brighter, while also providing you with a latitude to take cute pictures for your Instagram.

Enchant with Bold Accents:

Going out of one’s comfort zone has never done any harm. Add something adventitious yet surprising to your room and the work is done. It could be something as simple as a unique coffee table or an eye-catching chandelier.

Woe with Wallpaper:

The trick is to pre-plan the outlook of the room. If you are going for bold accents, make sure to pick a wallpaper that will not overwhelm the room. Choosing a bold wallpaper could also work wonders if the rest of the room is toned down.

Dive Into Details:

True strength of the room lies in the details, be it adding an aesthetic accent or a beautiful knit throw. Even a small piece can really hold the room together and give it the charm you were so keenly looking for.

Picture-Perfect Spot:

A sure way to know your house is aesthetically pleasing is when others cannot stop taking pictures there. A hanging chair or a chic chair is enough to do the trick.

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