An Audiophile's Guide to the luxury of sound (Part1)

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

Behind every sonic, there is a good audio system and we all agree to that. If you want to experience the original or the purest sound of the music, a good pair of headset plays a very crucial role. As the quote goes, “the best things in life don’t come free” falls perfectly for these super-premium headphones.

Sometimes, you need to cut loose to experience the best. There is some commendable vast selection of high-end headphones in the market which will give you the purest form of sound. The pursuit of high-end audio devotion generally involves a lot of fiddling as well as making many headphone purchases and upgrades along the way. These brands true to its reputation offer a balanced combination of high-quality sound, utmost comfort and the right fit, and classic design. 

We have assembled some of the best headphones your money can get and we are sure these would definitely be music to your ears.

Stellia by Focal

These very high-end circum-aural headphones manufactured at Focal is equipped with a new generation of exclusive electrodynamic speaker drivers, capable of working at low acoustic load while offering an extremely extensive frequency response (5Hz – 40kHz). Stellia delivers a perfect sound, whether bass articulation or the highest frequency details. In addition, Stellia’s offers extremely low impedance at 35 Ω, making the headphones very easy to drive through the output of a mobile audio source: experience the purity of sound, everywhere.

Each component has been developed with optimal acoustics in mind, without compromising on style. Because at Focal, innovation goes beyond technology; it influences product use and aesthetics. So, the two cognac and mocha finishes and the full-grain leather choosen sublimate this unique object.

Stellia uses the headband and yoke mechanical features originally developed for the Utopia headphones. The consistent curve between these two elements offers flawless comfort, regardless of the shape and size of the listener’s face and head. This comfort is enhanced by the high-resilience memory foam used for the earpads.

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ETHER 2 by Dan Clark

ETHER 2 is a top-of-the-line open-back planar magnetic headphone with a highly optimized driver with TrueFlow (tm) technology, motor, baffle, and headband designed to synergistically blend stunningly lifelike sound with the industry-leading comfort and reliability that are the hallmarks of Dan Clark Audio products.

ETHER 2 has an entirely new motor designed around TrueFlow technology. The result is a major improvement in linearity, dynamics, and detail.ETHER 2 is light.ETHER 2 sports an all-metal headphone cup and headband, with a carbon fiber driver baffle, so it’s built to last, in style. At under 290gr, ETHER 2 is not only the lightest full size planar magnetic headphone on the market and it may be the lightest top-of-the-line headphone from any high-end vendor.ETHER 2 offers Sappable Ear Pads to Fine-Tune musical Experience.

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RAD-0 by Rosson AudioDesign

Created by the hands of a craftsman, critiqued with the eye of an artisan, and tuned with the ear of an engineer, the RAD-0 delivers the accuracy demanded by professionals and the refinement craved by audiophiles delivering a high fidelity sonic signature with exceptional aesthetics.

The RAD-0 is born from years of R&D and a refusal to be rushed ensures that every component is inspected multiple times during its creation and assembly. With use of composite diaphragm material, unique circuit design, and an array of 11 N52 neodymium magnets, the listener is able to enjoy the most responsive and pleasing sound of any planar magnetic headphone ever built.

Using materials such as Micarta, stabilized choice woods, rocks, gems, and other unusual materials fit into the casting mould and so no two rings will ever be the same.

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DIANA headphones are all about style and sound. The world's thinnest boutique headphone has gone through many incremental improvements since inception. Now with updated speaker drivers taking some cues from the exceptional sounding Phi, a more spacious ear pad, and more universal headband shape, this new model Diana V2 offers improved comfort, clarity, and soundstage, and plays very nicely with moderately priced gear.

DIANA headphones are form fitting and comfortable. Patented flat speakers create a wall of sound that tickle the ears with details rarely heard in your music. Front row concert seats on demand while on the go or relaxing at home.

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HEDDphone by HEDD

HEDDphone by HEDD is the first full range Air Motion Transformer headphones to audiophiles and recording artists worldwide. The Air Motion Transformer (AMT) is an electrodynamic transducer that allows to move air significantly faster than common voice coil, planar, or electrostatic systems. Their traditional piston-like movement is overcome by a folded diaphragm that squeezes out air four times faster: A breakthrough for capturing more details in a musical recording.

The HEDDphone® brings the enormous dynamic capabilities and the superior sonic resolution of the AMT principle to the world of top-end headphones. HEDDphone® excels where it really matters: in accurate, untamed, and touching music reproduction.

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Edition 15 Veritas by ULTRASONE

The Edition 15 Veritas features the completely new gold titanium compound technology (GTC) and the patented S-LogicEX® technology making the listening experience is incredibly natural and feels more like listening to music on high-quality speakers. The Edition 15 Veritas is a truly special set of headphones, and this exclusivity is reflected in the materials used. The ear cups are made from American cherry wood, a material also used in instrument making. With features ranging from high-quality cushions with exquisitely produced Merino leather to aluminium covers and magnetically attached Merino leather ear cushions, the Edition 15 Veritas is the ultimate masterclass in modern headphones.

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