Be‘jewel’ your Valentine…

Jewellery always makes a perfect gift and Valentine’s day is the right occasion to adorn her or charm him with their favourite pieces. For the jewellery aficionados, every ornament makes to their collection. So, if that is what they love, then why should you beg to differ. From solitaire to a simple pair of hoops will be a piece of great jewellery which will always have the place in the jewellery box and when it is gifted by someone special, it becomes more precious. One of the best things about jewellery is its versatility and variety. Whether it for Him of Her, your Valentine will always understand the thought that you put into finding the perfect piece of jewellery that suits her/his personality and style. The choices are vast but keeping in mind the romance in the air, we bring to a few jewellery gift ideas, that you may like to think over.

Heart Rings

Rings come in many shapes but if you are partner is a very romantic person, then the heart-shaped rings are the perfect women’s ring to gift your Valentine. Be it gold, diamonds or silver or precious stone, surprise her with a shape of love.

Dangle Earrings

A beautiful pair of dangle earrings can be a perfect option. If your partner’s style is subtle jewellery styles, then it is best to pick something round, short, and a solid metal such as sterling silver or gold. For those who like their jewellery to be contemporary, select designs that bring on sparkle, length, and vibrant colours.

Diamond Tennis Bracelets

A diamond tennis bracelet is a charming and simple piece of women’s jewellery that will make a special gift. The metal option can range from yellow gold to platinum, depending on how diamonds determines the look on the metal. Diamonds with a slightly yellow or beige tint match perfectly with a yellow or rose gold setting.

Birthstone Jewellery

Whether or not you consider the importance of the alignment of stars, the celestial movements, or the folklore behind birthstones, adding a personal touch to your jewellery collection is not a bad idea. While every zodiac sign is associated with a gemstone, most certainly occurring stones hold a unique significance and if not their finish and looks will convince you to invest in pieces with a meaningful stone. Show your Valentine that you understand and is grateful for all the qualities that make her or him special.

Pearl Jewellery

Pearls also referred to as the “teardrops of the moon” is said to signify innocence and purity. Pearls are truly one of the most classic and exquisite gemstones and if your partner’s love for pearls is beyond any say then a strand of pearls for her or a pearl-studded ring for him would be the most romantic gift.

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