The Enchanted Creations - Part 2

Our first series of Chopard, we took you through the brand’s magnificent journey and as promised we are here talking about its product legacy. By wearing jewellery helps in achieving a wonderful finishing dash to our ensemble, and various jewellery pieces bring different meanings.


By virtue of their precision and reliability, Louis-Ulysse Chopard’s watches quickly gained a solid reputation among enthusiasts and found buyers as far afield as Eastern Europe, the Baltic States, Russia and Scandinavia. Chopard became provider of the Tsar Nicolas II’s court at the end of the 19th century and beginning of the 20th century.


Louis-Ulysse Chopard (1836-1915) established a high-precision watch manufacture in Sonvilier, in the Jura region of Switzerland, specialising in pocket-watches and chronometers.


Following Louis-Ulysse Chopard’s death on January 30th 1915 in Sonvilier, his son Paul-Louis took over the family business and in 1937 relocated the firm to Geneva, the internationally renowned capital of Haute Horlogerie and Fine Watchmaking. In 1943 Paul-André Chopard, son of Paul-Louis, took the reins of the Chopard company.


Karl Scheufele III, from the third generation of watchmaking and jewellery dynasty, wanted to acquire a Swiss watch manufacture preferably in Geneva to further develop his business. He travelled to Geneva where, he met with Paul-André Chopard. The sale of the company was sealed right away. Karl Scheufele III and his wife Karin developed Chopard in a new way, leading to an international spectacular expansion and an enhanced reputation. They contributed to the company for over 50 years and are still active in the firm.


Karl Scheufele decided to build a new production site in Geneva-Meyrin. The site has since then been extended in several stages. Karl and Karin brought their jewelry expertise to Chopard, developing precious watches for ladies.


The first Happy Diamonds watch was created in 1976. It brought an innovative twist to the theme of diamond-set watches with its mobile diamonds sliding and spinning freely between two transparent sapphire crystals. This unique patented invention became since then, the DNA of Chopard.


Chopard surprised observers by launching a steel sports watch: St. Moritz, the first model created by Karl-Friedrich Scheufele at the age of 22. As an elegant and sporting watch, suitable for all circumstances, it was also watertight and shock-resistant.


Among the first luxury brand, Chopard developed a boutiques’ network starting in 1983 with its first stand-alone boutique opening in Hong Kong.


Chopard launches its first complicated wristwatch the Luna D’Oro, with a perpetual calendar featuring a retrograde display.


A first sketch of a clown propelled Caroline Scheufele into the world of design. With a tummy full of moving diamonds and coloured precious stones, the Happy Clown was to become the brand’s mascot and marked the birth of Chopard jewellery.


The first Chopard Boutique in Europe opened in Geneva.


Chopard started a partnership with the Mille Miglia race, the legendary “corsa più bella del mondo” a vintage and classic car rally held each year in Italy. Karl-Friedrich Scheufele Co-President of Chopard, fond of the world of classic racing decided then to create the Mille Miglia collection. Inspired by the design of vintage cars, the timepieces combine sportive lines with watchmaking technology.


Drawing arabesques, curves and floral ornamentation, the Cašmir collection inspired by the cashmere pattern (also called Paisley pattern) was introduced in 1990. Eager to follow the Cašmir adventure, an eponym fragrance was presented by Chopard, associating visual and olfactory pleasure. A few years later, Chopard shows its creativity and originality with the launch of a new jewellery line: The Pushkin collection. Bringing together pearls, precious stones, gold and polished diamonds, the new collection was inspired by the elegant curves of Russian churches.


The Happy Sport collection was launched. Allowing an original association between steel and diamonds in an audacious and free-spirited way, the Happy Sport collection remained, since 1993, one of the watch industry’s enduring success stories.


Chopard launched the iconic IMPERIALE collection, inspired by the golden age of great empires.


The company returned to the roots of watchmaking with the creation of movements, by founding Fleurier Quality Foundation (FQF) certificationChopard Manufacture in Fleurier, in the Swiss Jura mountains. The Manufacture is dedicated to crafting mechanical “L.U.C” movements entirely decorated by hand, under the impulse of Karl-Friedrich Scheufele. Chopard therefore became one of the few true manufactures in the watchmaking industry.


The first watch created by Chopard Manufacture, the L.U.C 1860, equipped with the “L.U.C Calibre 96.01-L”, was voted “Watch of the Year” by the Swiss Montres Passion/Uhrenwelt magazine.


Chopard became official partner of the Cannes Film Festival. The President of the Festival asked Caroline Scheufele to redesign the Palme d’Or trophy. Ever since, Chopard became a fervent part of the world’s most glittering and glamorous cinema event. Chopard then joined, the world of Haute Joailllerie adorning stars for the “Montée des Marches” on the Red Carpet.


Chopard introduced the Ice Cube collection. Showing a modern and polished design, the new collection of Chopard shaped as a cube perfectly combines the geometrical clarity with refined elegance, allowing an endless variety of creative opportunities.


Chopard created the Trophée Chopard to reward young actors every year at the Cannes Film Festival


Chopard became the official timekeeper of another classic car race, the Grand Prix de Monaco Historique (GPMH).


The Jacky Ickx collection was presented, as a tribute to the six-time winner of the Le Mans 24 Hours Endurance Race and faithful friend of Chopard. Such as ripples on the water, the new jewellery collection by Chopard “Happy Spirit” was launched, bringing together refined lines and curves with the spinning Happy Diamonds.


As one of the founding brand, Chopard was proud to attest to the launching of the the Fleurier Quality Foundation (FQF) certification. The certification consists in a five stages series of tests. It aims to provide a guarantee on the origin (as the watch tested has to be 100% manufactured in Switzerland) ; on the excellence of aesthetic finishes, on the precision (COSC certification) ; on reliability with the Chronofiable® test and durability (with the Fleuritest simulator).

The L.U.CEUM museum was inaugurated in Fleurier, marking the 10th anniversary of Chopard Manufacture. Its inventive museography highlights masterpieces of watchmaking from different periods and regions of Europe drawing the history of time measurement.


The first Haute Joaillerie Red Carpet collection dedicated to the Cannes Film Festival was presented.


Chopard received the “Best Training Company Prize” in the “Applied Arts” category awarded by the State of Geneva, for its long term commitment to the field of training and education. Fleurier Ebauches was founded in Fleurier and dedicated to produce the Chopard mechanical movements that equip different lines of the brand.


Chopard celebrated its 150th anniversary. For the occasion, the Haute Joaillerie Animal World collection comprising 150 different animals was launched and a collection of Haute Horlogerie were presented with four new L.U.C watches, along with 4 new calibres: the All in One, the L.U.C Louis-Ulysse Tribute, the Engine One and the L.U.C 1937.


Chopard celebrated the 20th anniversary of its iconic Happy Sport collection. For its anniversary, the new Happy Sport wears for the first time an automatic movement.

Together with Livia Firth (creative director of Eco Age and founder of the Green Carpet Challenge (GCC®)), Chopard launched a long-term programme called “The Journey”, paving the way for sustainable luxury. Chopard presented the Green Carpet Haute Joaillerie Collection, crafted in Fairmined gold and set with diamonds sourced from a Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC) certified supplier.


Chopard presented its first watch in Fairmined gold: the L.U.C Tourbillon QF Fairmined. During the Cannes Film Festival, Chopard unveiled the Palme d’Or, which is as from now on also made of Fairmined gold. The partnership between Chopard and Porsche Motorsport started in 2014, for the great return of Porsche at the 24heures du Mans.


Confirming its path through the “Journey” towards sustainable luxury, Chopard created the Palme Verte collection, the first diffusion jewellery collection crafted in Fairmined gold. The collection, revealing the delicate curves and unfolded leaves of the Palme d’Or, was launched for the 60th anniversary of the prize. Feminine and colourful, the jewellery collection Happy Hearts first launched in 2008, presented in 2015 new creations such the famous bangles.


In 2016, Happy Diamonds celebrates its 40th anniversary. The playful swirl began in 1976, and ever since the Happy Diamonds have been successfully spreading their joyful aura around the world. It all started with one statement: diamonds are happy when they are set free!

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