Exotic BeadsMyth Jewellery Designer

Indian-born jewellery designer Sindhu Sudhir is a rather unique and creative designer because she specialises in creating jewellery from beads as she is fascinated by their shapes, colours and textures. Her jewellery speaks about the beads being globally sourced and creatively designed into exotic jewellery pieces. In an exclusive interview with The J Mag, Sindhu opens up about her brand, admits that marketing and sales are not her forte, but doing research, being creative and travelling extensively are.

Penchant for beads and pendants

It is said “Every journey of a 1000 miles begins with the first step” Likewise, Sindhu started her brand BeadsMyth when she was in Ethiopia in the year 2006 when she stumbled upon beautiful glass beads. From then began her search for unique beads and pendants. She became very enthusiastic and began sourcing beads from different countries and designing them as per buyer’s specifications and tastes. For Sindhu there has been no looking back, she is satisfied and happy at the way BeadsMyth has panned itself out.

The Roots…

She says that during this journey of creating jewellery from beads during the past 15 years (since BeadsMyth was created), she has diligently shopped for beads in various markets. She is driven by what buyers want and the need to always have new designs. So, the pendants are chosen from broadly the following countries Nepal, Afghanistan, India and Indonesia and beads are sourced from these countries: China, Ghana and Ethiopia, Sindhu is confident and fully content that each piece created by her at BeadsMyth is unique and one of a kind.

She reiterates that marketing and selling and all the vital skills essential for selling her products are not her cup of tea. For her, making the jewellery piece is equivalent to creating a bond where the process requires starting with a plan and doing research in archives and talking to people. She loves travelling to get perspective so then after so much effort, the thrill of finally holding up the finished product gives her the ultimate satisfaction. “It gives me an adrenaline rush every time.” So much of time and energy are necessary because there is so much of competition from rival jewellery brands, says Sindhu.

“One should not compete and compare with others but try to improve one’s self and be better than what one was the previous day. It is like playing golf, where one is up against oneself. Coming to jewellery, one should endeavour to create a jewellery piece each one bettering the previous one.”

Style Statement

Sindhu’s favourite designer for clothes is AM:PM and Massimo Dutti although she loves experimenting with new designers too. Of jewellery lines, she likes Suhani Pettie, Atelier Mon and Amrapali. Regarding her style statement, she believes, “Style is a very personal space of an individual. Various moods, occasions and purposes influence my style. I endeavour to create a beautiful piece (since no two pieces are alike) and invariably I have seen a BeadSmitten customer source it from me. It’s quite amazing to see ladies from across the world reach for a specific piece of their choice and I leave the reason for their pick –to be a secret.”

“Sindhu elucidates that luxury should be what elevates one’s mood and should not necessarily be inspired by expensive interests. It is essential to appreciate the good things in life as being healthy and having a good state of mind is important.”
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