Home Trends for 2021: More Automation & Multi-Functional Living Spaces

A need has arisen to create multi-purpose living space as the pandemic has forced people to make the most out of their homes! Mirania Luxury Living suggests the following points to achieve maximum utilisation with minimum effort:

Kitchen-Dining Combined:

In times like these when open floors are being desired by more and more household and for all the right reasons, an integrated kitchen and dining room is at the top of the list. The simple reason being it provides an ease in socialising while one cooks. Next time while hosting a party, you wouldn’t have to worry about being absent from the conversation!

Home Office Integration:

Home office has become the new trend ever since the pandemic has caused people to stay indoors. However, it is a common misconception that to have one, a huge space is required. With some creativity, any empty space can be turned into a home office producing multi-purpose room!

Diverse Room Divider:

Not enough credit is given to room dividers for their adaptability. By a simple act of hanging curtains between the bed and study area, a sperate bedroom and home office can be built while producing a canopy bed effect! One can make their own dressing area or a little wardrobe by simply folding the screen and utilising that corner!

Working the Window:

Utilise that window by converting it into a custom-made sitting with a storage underneath. Do not shy away from making it your little library or a little gateway into the outside world in these unprecedented times!

Create a storage feature:

There are lot of places in a house which go unnoticed. A simple space below the staircase can be proven to be the perfect place for all your unrequired storage. This will fulfil two purposes of emptying the additional outdoor items and making the storage accessible if ever the need to use something occurs!

Versatile Bedroom:

To make the most out of the bedroom space, one must be innovative. Beds end up taking half the area, the easiest way to create more space could be achieved through a fold-down bed! While in the morning the room can used for many purposes, it will create no hindrance of the sleeping arrangement at night!

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