Interior settings that will brighten your living space

Plant The Plants:

Just by the simple act of adding more plants to your living space, you give it a pop of colour along with an inexhaustive list of health benefits!

Magic Mirror:

Using mirrors to brighten a room and expand the visual space is an advice as old as time itself! To ensure maximum utilisation, the mirrors must be place near a light source to amplify the effect.

Accommodate Artificial Lighting:

Artificial lightings is a must have if you are someone who wishes to control the luminosity of the room. The options are limitless ranging from fairy lighting to chandeliers, satisfying all personality types!

Let The Art Do the Talking:

Art apart from being powerful in itself also has the power to dictate the whole vibe of the room. Choose the paintings carefully to provide you with the beaming ambience you so desire!

Careful With Colour:

It is no secret that a room coloured dark will not illuminate same as the one with a lighter colour palette. To make your living space seem brighter, do not shy away from the mild colours!

Embrace The White :

Not enough credit is given to white painted ceiling which expand the illusion of a poorly lit room! Apart from making the space feel bigger, the also boost the reflective qualities of the room!

Luminate With Light Wood Flooring:

After the top ceiling, it is now time to consider the bottom flooring! A light wood flooring can work wonders in providing your room with a luxurious aesthetics along with making the room seem brighter.

Rugs To The Rescue:

If you are sceptical of a wooden flooring then here are rugs to your rescue! Cover the whole floor area with bright or mild colours and watch how your room light up.

Go Matte:

Many interior designers use matte finishes as they are better reflectors of light, as opposed to glossy surfaces. Use this trick to achieve the maximum utilisation of sunlight as it bounces across the room!

Explore the Metallics:

Bring the room to life by adding metallic touches through light fixtures or decorative objects. This will help give the deary/ dull room a breath of fresh air!

Focus on Furniture:

Make sure there is a gap of at least 6 to 10 inch of open space underneath the furniture so as to allow the light to pass through and brighten wider area!

Clear-Clean Windows:

Last but not the least, make sure your windows are clean. It might seem menial but believe it to be true that this trivial act will work wonders for your room brightness with minimum effort!

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