Interiors, full of rich hues and silhouettes - the way to tap your senses

Aesthetics of minimalism have dominated the interiors of many households in the recent years but despite its popularity, some people cannot seem get enough of its rebellious, loud counterpart. The most common distinction is that minimalism is a believer that less is more whereas on contrast maximalism is a strong advocate of more is more! If you are a fan of maximalism like us, then Mirania Luxury Living has just the right tips to help you embrace it to fullest.

Reflection Of Personality:

You should begin by asking yourself whether you want a traditional or modern approach or if there is a certain vibe you wish curate! Once you have figured that out, do not shy away from making bold combinations of colours and textures the heart of your living space. A magnificent mirror, for example, will create an illusion of a wider area while reflecting the silhouettes back onto themselves! For a more urban vibe, even a brick wall can do the trick by providing a sleek contrast. Whatever you so choose, let it be a doorway into your soul.

Let Your Inspiration Show:

If there is a certain era or a particular style that speaks to you, make your interiors live it! Victorian décor will ask you to experiment with wallpapers and mix up the upholstery styles whereas Gothic interiors will revolve around dark colours! Once decided upon, make that your focal point around which the whole theme revolves. Let the house be the means through which your inner voice is heard!

Start With The Basics:

Contrary to popular belief, it takes immense amount of work and attention to detailing to make the maximalist approach work for the living space. If you just starting out with maximalism, then a step-by-step approach will work wonders for you. Begin with the bath or a small room and if doesn’t work out in the expected way no harm, no foul!

Leave no Surface Behind:

Experiment with vivid and graphic wallpapers and pair it up with vivid titles for an instant maximal look! Sometimes, ceiling too is over-looked which hinders the room to reach its maximum potential. Wallpapers or simply a bright paint can just light up the room but while doing so that it matches with the aesthetics of the room!

Ancestral Aesthetics:

Nothing can beat the classics when it comes to the décor of the household! Use antique wooden furniture or vintage textiles for the covering and it will feel more timeless and connected. You can also choose give your old furniture a new life by simply repainting them or adding ageless draping to them. A personal touch can also be added through the means of a gallery wall and believe us, you need not hold yourself back while inhabiting those walls with priceless memories.

Know When To Stop:

It is a tricky slope as believe it or not, you can go overboard with maximalism. The key is to stop when the room feels complete to you. Make sure that all the items come together in a way that you had set out to achieve and once that level is achieved, you can take a step back and enjoy your masterpiece!

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