Legendary Single Malts of all Time: Series 1

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

In our previous edition, we spoke about the most exclusive single malt in the world. We spoke about its make, its age, flavour and why it is exclusive. Since we got a good response, we decided to go tipsy again but this time, we are going to talk about the brands who are known for their exclusive single malt in three series. Some of the whiskies what we have mentioned here are scarce than hen’s teeth. They include some of the most uncommon and elusive whiskies around. Let us take a spin.

Glen Moray

In its long history, the award-winning Glen Moray has been distilled in time honoured fashion, by hand. Never rushed or forced, always in balance, steady and with care, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This constancy and dedication is truly characterised by Glen Moray’s people.

In its lifetime, the distillery has known only 5 distillery managers. Know-how, myths and trade secrets passed through the generations to ensure every drop has the same light character as the last Glen Moray is available in a range of ages and vintages that will appeal to new malt drinkers as well as connoisseurs looking for something a bit more special.

Being in the Laich O’Moray the distillery benefits from the regions milder climate as it is afforded protection from the Cairngorm and Monadhliath Mountains. The distilleries geographic location and also sitting in a hollow below the water table, means that the warehousing has the perfect conditions to allow whiskey to mature beautifully




Craigellachie sits firm in the heart of speyside, flat bang in the middle of scotch territory. It obstinately stands alone on a rock overlooking the confluence of the rivers fiddich and spey. But rid your mind of that typical ‘speyside’ flavour, for craigellachie rebels against this.

It consciously makes no concessions to modern-day house rules. Craigellachie is an unapologetic and unique whisky, robust and muscular with a hint of pineapple. The distillery was built in 1891, when the great alfred barnard described our whisky as 'a style seldom met', and we've been old fashioned - in style and flavour - ever since.



The Glenlivet

When George Smith founded The Glenlivet Distillery in 1824, he resolved to create a single malt whisky of such exceptional quality that all other whiskies would be judged against it and created a priceless legacy: a supremely elegant, subtly complex whisky whose original rich taste is now enjoyed all over the world.

From its creation in the wild highlands of Scotland nearly two hundred years ago, The Glenlivet has always stood out. It was labelled ‘the single malt that started it all’ because it really did. It comes from the first distillery to receive a license to produce spirits legally in the parish of Glenlivet, and is now one of the biggest selling single malt brands in the world.

The Glenlivet gets its name from the icy waters of the River Livet – or “Smooth-flowing one”. These ice-cold temperatures aid the distilling process and enhance the quality of the emerging spirit, letting the whisky live up to its name and making The Glenlivet what it is today: an incomparable single malt whisky.




Glenmorangie has been crafting single malts since 1843, when farmer William Matheson and his wife Anne followed their dreams and founded the Glenmorangie Distillery. With the tallest stills, the most advanced approach to extra maturation and a commitment to only ever using casks twice, Glenmorangie offers a set of well-made whiskies

At 5.14 metres (16ft 10 1/4 inches) Glenmorangie stills are the tallest in Scotland, which means that only the very lightest and purest vapours make it to the top of their long copper necks, giving a smoother, purer and more elegant whisky.

Glenmorangie selects the finest oak casks in which to mature their whisky. But that's not all, because Glenmorangie only uses each one twice (whilst many others use theirs up to five or six times), ensuring that the maximum amount of flavour is always extracted during maturation, delivering a rounder, smoother taste.

Having pioneered extra maturation over twenty years ago, whisky creators at Glenmorangie continue to travel the world in their search for exceptional casks. Casks that will provide additional, intriguing layers of flavours to the original character of Glenmorangie.



Teeling Whiskey

Teeling Whiskey is renowned for doing things differently. Teeling Whiskeys embody this unconventional spirit with innovation at the core of everything they do. For Teeling. it’s what’s inside the bottle that counts – the liquid does the talking, and it has a plenty to say.

The delicate base of Irish Whiskey is the perfect canvas upon which to layer flavour and character. Varying the time, style and number of barrels used during the maturation process adds to the subtlety and complexity of flavour. Teeling does not chill filter Whiskey prior to bottling, leaving as much of the body, character and richness in the bottle. Teeling brings Whiskey from cask strength to signature ABV of 46%, bottling with no chill filtration, maintaining the true natural character of all Teeling Whiskeys



Johnnie Walker

Today, Johnnie Walker is the biggest whisky brand in the world and its slogan is has been adopted and embraced everywhere. It all started as in the grocers' shop its founder John has started. In those days, most grocers stocked a line of single malts, but they were never all that consistent. This wasn’t good enough for John, who started blending them together so his whisky tasted just as good every time. It proved an extremely popular addition to the inventory.

By 1920, Johnnie Walker whisky was in 120 countries. As the century progressed, it became part of global culture: immortalised by songwriters and filmmakers, idolised by socialites and movie stars, enjoyed by statesmen and walking shoulder-to-shoulder with the great sportsmen and women of the age. On 1 January 1934, John Walker & Sons was granted a Royal Warrant by King George V to supply whisky to the royal household.

By the end of the 20th Century, the pioneering Johnnie Walker Red Label and iconic Johnnie Walker Black Label had been joined by the pinnacle of the blender’s art, Johnnie Walker Blue Label




When brothers Hugh and John Stevenson arrived at the frontier of the Hebrides Islands in 1793, they found little more than a natural harbor and a windswept view. Here they opened the Oban Brewing Company, their ‘Cowbell Ale’ being the first production.

They started distilling whisky the following year.

The business remained in the Stevenson family for three generations, until local merchant Peter Cumpstie purchased it in 1830. In 1880, the railroad steamed into Oban, inaugurating a new age of improved communication and transport.

The distillery has changed ownership over the years and witnessed a bustling town grow up around it. But our fierce commitment to excellence and tradition has been constant.

In 1989, Oban 14 Year Old was named one of six Classic Malts representing the Western Highlands region.

Row just a few metres out to sea, and you can fit the entire town of Oban within the single frame of a camera. And the distillery is just a speck inside that image.

Oban is one of the smallest whisky makers in Scotland. And that’s key to the character of our products. When expansion isn’t an option and the volume we’re able to produce is limited, we stand on quality, authenticity, and heritage.


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