Makes Every Ride Worthwhile

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

Arun Chittilappilly has spent most of his last 15 years in making Wonderla one of the top amusement parks and resorts in India. As a Director at Wonderla, he revolutionised the segment of an amusement parks in India with his significant role in strategising and conceptualising the Wonderla Parks and Resorts.

A man of simple living and straightforward attitude, he believes that success is more than just money and power. A man of few words, Arun was humbled to be part of luxury and living edition. No longer there seems to be one standard definition to help determine what is luxury. No longer can something be considered luxury just based on cost, marketing campaigns, or desires.

When we asked Arun about how he defines luxury, his responses were amazingly simple and to the point. This entrepreneur hailing from God’s own country, Kerala had a quite different approach to luxury.

“Anything that does its job in the best possible way is luxury to me”, he says. For him, luxury experience’ is something that just makes him feel good. When wishes and aspirations are projected and achieved even before being attained to the scope that they become a necessity is his definition of luxury. He may not have a specific luxury brand but “Well-designed yet but also something that stands out from the crowd” is his style statement. Now that is something sensibly stylish.

Not binding by any luxury brands, Arun has no favourites and whatever suits his taste regardless of any brands is his choice. But when it comes to travelling, he is an aficionado and from beaches to hills, he loves it all. Out of his travel destinations, Tulum Mexico which has the most spectacular beaches is the favourite pick.

Everyone loves to go to an amusement park, and it is one of the best ways to relieve stress. It is an evade from the reality and an immersive experience that takes away from everyday hectic life. Amusement parks are man-made dream world where people can forget their daily worries and become kids again believes Arun. Tokyo Disney Sea is his favourite amusement park.

Coming to his entrepreneurial life, his vision for Wonderla Parks and Resorts is to be the most advanced and people-friendly amusement park in the country for years to come and be present in all large cities in India.

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