Mother Nature’s Eternal Gift

Natural diamonds form within the earth and are Mother Nature’s eternal gift to humankind. With each diamond being over a few million to billion years in age, it is no wonder that these sparkling stones have found their way into history.

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It is only possible for a diamond to grow naturally under the right temperature and pressure. Due to the constant changes in the conditions, some diamonds may get affected during their formation. These defects can cause diamonds to become unique and different. Did you know that some fancy colour diamonds such as red, orange or brown get their rare colour due to these changes?

Crystal inclusion inside the diamond – this would be another mineral which got trapped inside the diamond during the formation process.

Many of us may call this as an imperfection in a diamond. The conditions in which natural diamonds form cannot be stabilized, such as a laboratory where temperature and pressure can be controlled and continuously measured. It is not only the colour of the diamonds that get affected but many times the diamonds can have other minerals trapped inside them during the formation process.

3-dimensional crystal inclusion inside the diamond

The above is what makes a natural diamond such a rare commodity to possess. With the depletion of diamond mines across the world, natural diamonds will soon become an heirloom that will be passed down from one generation to another.

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