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Updated: Nov 26, 2020

Show your attitude with your gorgeous automobile. The world of the automobile changed drastically in the last few decades. Browse different technology, style and sizes and choose your car. A luxury car is the epitome of automobile engineering - it offers the best driving comfort coupled with a luxurious and relaxing interior. As the prosperity of Indians increased over the years, the number of luxury car brands in the country has also multiplied manifold. Today, India is one of the biggest luxury car markets in the world and growing further. If you are planning of buying a luxury car then this is just for you.

Cars are something which everyone wants, they are not just needs for convenience but they have been turned into a style statement. A person with a flashy car is supposed to have a good style statement, and people want to be with them, hang out with them and be friends with them. Sure cars are still used for travelling, whether they are leisure drives or whether you need one to go to work or some other important stuff. People die to take a sweet ride in big luxury cars or fancy, bright sports cars. Cars are something, which nobody can’t live without.

Cars sure can make a style statement for anybody, whether it’s for bragging your driving skills or just flaunting your unique choice. All these things do make a style statement.

Cars sure have been with us for a long time and have evolved from time to time, and now one can easily make a style statement by bragging their ride on the streets.

Simple Cars

These are the normal sedans or hatchbacks, the usual cars we see on the street, they sure can make a style statement if one maintains their ride, its color is bright and the design looks perfect; there can be some graphics put on your car if you just want to enhance its look. They may be simple cars, but they have a very important part in your lives from taking you from one place to another and making a style statement or rather a status symbol. It has become need of the time, choose a car with strong features and powerful engine and enjoy safe driving in your budget.

Sports Cars

Now this is something which you always want to take out on the street, especially teenagers and youngsters who want to race, want to brag a little, these things do their work really well. They are fast, rigid and just like lightening. Sports cars sure make a whole lot of style statement about everyone. And people love it especially when they want to feel the speed and the power of the car. Sports car sure does make a whole lot of style statement for anybody. The fast growing world of sports car offers wide range of cars, browse the exciting world of sports car and pick a stunning car and pump up your blood.

Luxury Cars

These are something which everyone craves for, luxury cars, which have comfortable seating, a super powerful air conditioner and a nice television, so one doesn’t get bored while travelling. These cars do have a lot of other features as well but they certainly make the greatest style statement one needs. Explore the wide world of luxury cars designed by some of the amazing car manufacturers and pick your dream luxury car.


Best Luxury Cars in Town


Jaguar XJ L

Choose a proficient luxury car brand that is devoted to delivering unmatched products and services to its clients. It should be committed to providing you with exquisite designs of very high quality. In this case, the Jaguar XJ L provides optimal consumer satisfaction! The XJ model is Jaguar’s most premium sedan in line. This is because it encompasses a genuine British outlook both on the exterior and the interior. The exquisite seating is made of high-quality leather and the sleek finishing provides a topnotch experience to the users. The extravagance does not end here; the 3-litre V6 engine that powers this luxury sedan. Jaguar XJ L is an entire package of features that includes strong connectivity to the internet as well. The Jaguar XJ L comes in two variants and thirteen colours, starting at Rs. 1,10,00,000.00.



The BMW X5 is a stretched, classy car that people love to hire for special occasions. More often than not, BMW X5 is looked upon as a status symbol, and it is absolutely overwhelming to see this stunning vehicle, making its way to party venues. The car provides for the needs of individuals who opt for a luxury SUV paired with off-road capabilities. The leather seats, panoramic sunroof, sufficient lighting provide the users with timeless comfort. It comes with two 6-cylinder petrol and diesel engine system options; this means that you wouldn’t have to get the oil charged inside the car every few hours. You can pack your bags, charge the petrol engine once and head out of the city with no worries on the mind. The engine comes configured with an 8-speed “Steptronic” auto transmission with an all-wheel-drive that entails xDrive. All of these features coupled with the addition of supplementary air suspension for safety makes this an excellent car to purchase.


Volvo S90

The Volvo S90 is one of the most underrated cars in not only India but the entire world. What many of us do not consider while evaluating the Volvo S90 is that it is the best choice in the sub-crore price category. You’ll practically be living the luxury dream at a comparatively reasonable cost. What makes the Volvo S90 even more attractive for us, the millennial generation, is the iconic Thor Hammer LED headlamp! The safety of a Volvo coupled with the extreme comfort at less price makes it the dream car for many. This luxury car is available in two variants and four colours and comes with a price tag upwards of Rs. 52,00,000.


Audi Q7

If you’ve been to fancy office parties, you’ve probably seen top executives flaunt this car. Trust us when we say it isn’t their fault; everything about this car makes you want to babble on about it for hours. The Audi Q7 is offered in both diesel and petrol variants in India. The car’s exceptional Quattro all-wheel-drive structure brings about a great level of comfort and stability on all kinds of tracks. Whether it’s a dinner party or an adventurous trip to the rustic countryside, the Audi Q7 will always be there to make your life easier. It also includes Volkswagen’s qualified MLB platform - the foundation for the Porsche, Bentley and even the Lamborghini. This easy-to-go car is available in six variants and eight colours.


Land Rover Range Rover

India has definitely been offered one of the most exquisite cars from the British brand Land Rover, the Range Rover. It is an exotic amalgamation of extravagance and performance showing its users the end of both the spectra. Not only this, but the Range Rover also offers excellent off-road handling capability commensurate to what’s expected from a Land Rover.

From power and sheer driving pleasure to fuel economy and refinement, there is a range of engines available for both Range Rover and Land Rover and each has been optimised for specific attributes to cater for all needs.


Mercedes Benz S-Class

The recent model of Mercedes Benz S Class is the epitome of what the concept of luxury and premium is; this is because of the perfect combination of its robust outlook and extraordinary performance with respect to all other luxury cars. You can opt for the opulent sedan, classy coupe or exotic convertible; regardless of which model you opt for, these top-notch Mercedes Benz are the ultimate package of modern technology and fine materials. The Mercedes Benz S Class has what it takes to please anyone and everyone; it has an interior that could impress a Sultan, operations that can astound a hot shoe, a presence that can dominate all other cars and the comfort that attracts everyone else. Its performance is without doubt, charismatic. Even though the Mercedes Benz S Class is one of the most expensive cars of this decade, you should take comfort in the fact that your investment in this car will be fruitful for years to come. After all, it’s not only the brand name that you’re paying for but the trusted quality as well.


BMW 7-Series

The BMW 7 Series can rightfully be called the best driver-focused luxury car if not the best luxury car in the market. The most recent G12 BMW 7 Series presents a wide array of modern features and technology such as gesture control and remote-parking that delivers the user utmost comfort. For this very reason, these features have been introduced in the new BMW 5 Series as well as in the BMW 6 Series.


MG Hector

MG Hector’s vision is fully visible in its design: bringing the exquisite aspects of high-end SUVs in line with a low price. Hector’s vision roars in its robust manufacturing, engineering, quality and performance. The car’s motive is “brain meets brawn” which clearly defines how the flexible, smart and exotic outlook of the car dominates the streets. The robust engineering is highlighted in the way the car’s 1.5 l turbo petrol guzzler gives out 143 horsepower with 350 Nm of torque. If you go for the diesel variant, you’re automatically getting an extra 35 horsepower. In this way, MG Hector is the best of the best. For a low price, of 14,00,000.00 you’ll be treating yourself with exquisite SUV perks coupled with the multi-functionality of the car.


Skoda Kodiaq Scout

Skoda Scout is quite simply a perfect mechanical model of power, agility and extravagance. Even though the car was initially manufactured for off-road trips, its street base openly boasts of top-notch luxury treatment the car provides. In terms of technicality, the car inculcates a 2 l diesel engine that spits out 140 horsepower with 300 Nm of torque. This is quite decent for a car of this size; however, it also provides other engine variants for different mileage. The predecessor of Skoda turned out to be a huge success after which the brand decided to capitalize on India’s massive SUV market and updated the car with even more interesting aspects. This magnificent piece will cost you ₹ 34,00,000.00.


How to Make the Best Out of These Luxury Cars

Due to the luxury cars they manufacture, these brands are not only the best in India but also some of the leading global carmakers. When you buy from these brands you are not only paying for the brand but also for the trusted quality. They not only provide exclusive quality but also hold a higher reputation amongst all luxury cars in town. Their high reputation emerges from the due professional diligence offered to the customers. Their preliminary goal is to make the customers delighted. What satisfies the customers to an ever greater extent is the extensive range of features that these cars have.

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