Pushing the Boundaries: Anupria Goenka

Anupria Goenka is a challenger who showed that anything was possible if you dared to go for it, be passionate about it, and have the guts and gumption for it. Her journey was experimental with ups and downs but support from family and her willingness to succeed always kept her going. From helping her dad in the family business to being an executive assistant to a CEO, she has played it all, but it was her joining theatre that added meaning to her life. She loved and approached theatre with passion and wholeheartedly believed in its power to engage. She did it all with her charm, hard work, and exquisite style. In an exclusive interview with The J Mag, she talks about her life, family, movies, her style, and more. Excerpts from the interview.

“To me, luxury is being healthy, having good food on the table, being able to spend quality time with family and friends, and being able to grow. It holds truer than ever in today’s context. It is profoundly important to appreciate your blessings and know what is genuinely important to you in life.”

My expedition

It has been, well I can say, modest so far. I started working with Dad in his business right after school, but we had to wrap up the business. After taking up a job in a call center in Mumbai, I moved to the ‘City of dreams’ along with my family which includes my father, mother, brother, and two sisters.

“I have learnt to laugh in tough times. Although my early years were protected, I realized while growing up that difficult times don’t last. Huge credit goes to my parents who taught us to respect money and value life. My childhood has shaped me today in a better possible way.”

My acting debut

As an actor, my journey has been experiential. I have had the opportunity to work with great talent so far and opted for roles I believe in. So far so good. My first movie was a Telugu movie, ‘Paathshala.’ It was a chance audition in Mumbai at Juhu Beach where the director took my audition through a phone cam. The experience was difficult as the movie went on for 10 months, in very tough production circumstances, which set my pace in the industry as an actor.

I am currently working on the second season of Asur and Ashram. The other lined-up projects are a series and a movie that are yet to be formalised.

“Paulo Coelho is one of my favourite authors and my all-time favourite book is The Alchemist amongst his others. All his books are calming, soothing, and invigorating.”

Me as a person I am a fighter, hardworking, sensitive (more than I want to be), passionate and romantic. My greatest strength is my fighting spirit and my belief in my value systems, which gives me a sense of self-assurance and strength. My biggest weakness is that I am too emotional. I always think with my heart and not my head. My favourite international luxury brand is Prada. I think all their innovations are an amalgamation of comfort, surety, with a touch of edge. They are elegant and bold, and I love that about the brand the most.

Her stardom has given her optimism and she has learnt the art of soaking in every moment that makes her grow in life. A good scene on a good day is something that satisfies her. Acting is her love and passion and love to continue having such experiences.

We all know an actor’s life is always hectic and long and busy schedule, but Anupria makes an exception here and makes it a point to take some time out from work and keep an hour or two just for herself, family, and friends. Anupria as a person is a combination of philosophy, perseverance, creative passion, hard work, never afraid to take chances, and believes that success is all about taking opportunities.

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