Revolutionising the World of Design : Kshitij Mirania

Mirania Luxury Living (MLL) - East India's leading interior and decor multi-designer retailer. MLL today is a name synonymous with luxury and design in India and associated with top-end global manufacturers in the design and decor industry.

Founded by Khagesh Mirania with an aim at creating a one-stop destination for a design boutique has successfully shaped over the years with the most influential names from across the country reaching out to MLL for their interior spaces.

MLL houses the finest brands as part of their global collaborations with Stanley, Steel Case And Hunter Douglas to name a few. They are renowned for providing their creme la creme clientele, comprising royal families, ministers, industrialists, designers and entrepreneurs with a global taste for their interior spaces.

Kshitij Mirania, who is now the face of the brand, is a second-generation entrepreneur and has taken the baton of success, leading it to new heights. Kshitij after completing his graduation from London has come back to expand his family business and has represented a great deal in uplifting the design aesthetic by adding more value in terms of brand collaborations and creating luxe spaces for the rich. In an exclusive interview with J Mag, she shares with us his favourite picks and thoughts as an entrepreneur. Excerpts’

Favourite fashion luxury brand

Dolce & Gabbana. In my opinion, it’s one of the finest Italian companies out there as they have created one of the most intricate and beautiful designs I have ever laid eyes on.

Favourite travel destination

London, UK. The city oozes diversity so much so that it caters to everyone’s needs. It is also considered an innovator of art and culture, giving it an exemplary elegance.

Style Statement

I like to keep it simple, leading to a closet filled with black and blue colours. However, there is always one statement piece I like to accessorise with and more often than not, it’s usually a shoe.

Favourite International luxury brand

Berluti, without a doubt. The craftsmanship sets it apart from all the other brands in the market. It’s the technique of making a Berluti that is unique in itself, making the brand a true pioneer.

Love for high-end watches

Absolutely in love! In my opinion, a watch is such an understated accessory but it yet allows an individual to express their personality with much ease.

My Inspiration you to be an entrepreneur

Ans. It was an accumulation of many things! I live by the quote that every day is a new day and with it comes new opportunities. But what inspires me to date are the customers. I think they are the best critics one can find, even their positive feedbacks give immense motivation! Therefore I have made it a habit to take some time out every day to read the customer chats and their feedback as a source of my inspiration to change things for the better and develop products that will appease them in every single way!

“You start seeing potential in everyone, sometimes instantly. You understand the depth of their calibre and it gives you unparalleled happiness in enabling their growth. One thing which I have learned is that every idea can be turned into something great, you just have to believe in it and work smartly to achieve it.”

Favourite Book

I have not been an avid reader but recently autobiographies have captured my interest.

Strength and Weakness

I think my greatest strength lies in quick decision making along with understanding the customer needs efficiently. Weakness, I would say would be time management which is something I have been constantly working on improving.

Kshitij believes in creating are elegant, high-quality, and timeless products as well as moments for his clients. Be it that you are looking for information or inspiration, he will sink deeper into the world to design to bring the best in the world.

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