Roaring through the Indian Roads

Boys/men and bikes are inseparable, and it would be an injustice on my part if I do not mention women’s love for the bike too. So, let me rephrase it. Love for motorbikes can never go unnoticed and if it is super-premium combined with loads of power, features and style then anyone will go crazy. The craze for luxury or superbikes has bestowed its vroom power in India by rolling out various luxury bikes from different makers. These bad boys conquer the roads and are jaw-droppers, the moment they pass the traffic with its reviving sound of the engines taking the adrenaline rush to a different level. Here are some of the super-cool, premium, and gorgeous two-wheel machines bikes for the Indian roads that will make each and everyone just become so obsessively involved. Let us have a look at these bad boys.

Triumph Rocket 3


This is the genesis of an all-new generation of Triumph’s ultimate motorbike legend. Equipped with a world’s largest production motorcycle engine capacity of 2500cc, the new Rocket 3 line-up delivers the highest torque of any production motorbike and unparalleled acceleration with a beautifully smooth, responsive and incredibly refined ride.

The new Rocket 3 motorcycle is in a class of its own, with truly imposing muscular presence and magnificent style. Combining the highest level of specification and technology with all of Triumph’s incredible handling, the Rocket 3 brings a sublime feel and comfort for all-day easy riding. They are available in two variants Rocket 3 R and Rocket 3GT.

Rocket 3 Sets A New Record

The all-new Triumph Rocket 3 has demonstrated an incredible acceleration by setting a staggering new Triumph production motorcycle record of 0-60 mph in 2.73 seconds.

Unbelievable Sound

A 2,500cc triple engine, peak power of 167PS, and a higher redline of 7,000 rpm. This is the Rocket 3’s unique deep growling triple soundtrack.


Honda Goldwing

The Honda Gold Wing is designed to deliver to you the essential experience of touring. A name recognized by the riders across the globe for the genius in this machine, especially the ones who want to cover long distances, it has become a global touring icon. Over the years, it has evolved to become lighter, faster, more powerful and engaging.

The first Gold Wing The 1975 GL1000 was revolutionary and changing a bike as good and as refined isn’t something you take lightly. The newest model in every aspect continues the ethos of Goldwing forward by ensuring exemplary specs : be it engineering, handling, technology, comfort or performance.

Engineered to the Core

At the heart of every great motorcycle beats a great engine. While the long-distance champion features the Revered horizontally opposed six-cylinder engine, it features a new bore and stroke and a displacement punched out to 1833 cc. The engine uses 4 valves per cylinder - a design based on our high-performance Unicam head design. In addition to this, it is equipped with aluminium cylinder sleeves and a shorter, stiffer crank to enable more engaging, sporting performance that all motorcyclists live for.


BMW K 1600 B

Take A Relaxed Cruise Anytime

If you’re hungry for asphalt and for new horizons, then the Bagger is the motorcycle for your journey. The 1,649 cc bike with its six cylinders, it delivers impressive power and extraordinary running smoothness. Let the journey begin. You and the bike become one with the road in the Bagger silhouette: the chopped windscreen and the striking rear ensure an unmistakable appearance. Behind its good looks is a great deal of innovative technology and a high level of comfort. So get going with the K 1600 B.

Choose your style

Choose from four paint options - Black Storm Metallic, Hockenheim Silver Metallic, Imperial Blue Metallic and Lupin Blue Metallic

Unmistakably Bagger. Unmistakably different.

This bagger is made for gliding along. Brimming with presence, the sloping line of the silhouette makes the K 1600 B low and streamlined. The chopped windscreen, striking rear section with LED indicators, and brake lights integrated into the cases define the style. The black 6-cylinder completes the strong character and overall image. And with the standard tubular handlebars, the Bagger can be easily steered towards the horizon.


Ducati Panigale 1299 Final Edition

The 1299 Panigale R Final Edition was created to celebrate Ducati's most powerful twin cylinder ever.

A concept that changed the history of motorcycling and that, since Marco Lucchinelli's first victory in 1988, has made it possible for generations of riders to triumph. In this latest limited edition, derived from the 1299 Superleggera, the iconic Ducati twin cylinder achieves the technological pinnacle of its evolution.

A collector’s item

The 1299 Panigale R Final Edition is produced in a numbered, limited series, and represents the perfect mix between high performance engine and racing chassis. The new livery, red rims and titanium exhaust make the 1299 Panigale R Final Edition a unique, collectible bike.

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