Simple and Revelatory: Anushka Ranjan

Our cover girl Anushka Ranjan is a dazzling diva and an actor to look out for. She had a successful debut with Wedding Pulav. Anushka is not completely new to the arc lights and she worked as a ramp and product model for over 4 years before her debut film Wedding Pullav, which was appreciated and well received. Anushka has several exciting projects in the pipeline, which include a Hindi movie, a mockumentary series for an OTT platform and a music video. Anushka speaks about herself, her career, and future in this exclusive interview with The J Mag.

Anushka hails from a family whose business is producing films and television serials. Her father Shashi Ranjan and mother Anu Ranjan have been supportive of Anushka when she began her initial foray into a career at the age of 18-19 years. Since she was a “heavy kid” but had a pretty face and a good body, her mother encouraged her to lose weight and enter the modelling and acting business. Subsequently, Anushka did lose weight and became a model. Then, Anushka’s father told her about the movie Wedding Pullav, which was their family’s home production.

Anushka’s father made her do auditions and script reading which she did and one day on her birthday she was surprised to see a random group of film personalities at home. Shashi Ranjan introduced the director, the producer to Anushka, she said she knows them individually but did not know why they all collectively gathered here. Later, I learnt that this was the team for the movie Wedding Pullav and they wanted me to be a part of it, shares Anushka.

“My favourite travel destination is Paris which I find special and unique. It is an incredibly beautiful city and has beautiful people. Everything about the city, its music, streets, food is all like a dream to me, it is a travel destination that I would like to visit again and again.”

When Anushka was asked what kind of movies she would like to do, she replied that, “I am was interested in the genre of women-centric movies as well as thrillers and murder mysteries. I would also like to work in movies espousing social causes and comedy is one genre which very few women actors can do well, but is something that I would look forward to doing.” This choice of subjects also colours the type of books that Anushka likes to read. She especially likes authors who write thrillers and murder mysteries and is an ardent fan of these writers.

Since Anushka is not new to the world of fashion as she was a model, she would inevitably have a very vibrant fashion style statement. Anushka’s sense of style is simple and revelatory. She chooses comfort over fashion.

“My strength is being able to connect well with anyone, whatever the age or whatever social strata they come from. Thus, I can talk to any new person and strike a fun conversation. Coming to my weakness is that I sometimes get overwhelmed in my mind, letting my insecurities colour her judgements in many matters.”

Anushka’s definition is that she should feel good about something and not necessarily something on which a lot of money has been spent. It is important to appreciate the good things in life as she says that when we do so it humbles us and makes us keener to help others. Her favourite fashion brand is Ferrogama which she likes as it is classic, clean, not too over the top and understated and easy, as she is. She is not a fan of high-end watches as some actors are, and she has just one, a Raymond Wheel.

Finally, we ask Anushka what makes her smile and what scares her? She admits that she has a cheerful disposition and most everyday situations and people can make her smile. She tries to be optimistic and looks for the silver lining in dark clouds. What scares her is the thought of losing loved ones, the thought of getting up in the morning and having nothing to look forward to and leading a purposeless life while she would want to be always having a purpose and being busy. “Yes,” she says, “Complacence scares me,” and doesn’t that scare us all?

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