The Ultimate Guide from the Designers to Transcend your Interiors into a De

Consistency is Key:

Contrary to common misconception, pieces of different styles can work brilliantly together as long as they come under the same umbrella colour scheme! In reality, your living space if filled with possibilities and if you are someone who desires perfection with minimal efforts, colour consistency is the way to go.

Play with Powder Coating:

Not many people know this but powder coating is the easiest way to give your house a pop of colour, especially the bathroom. As long as its metal, it can be power coated so make the best of it and give your living the pizzazz you want!

Pre-Plan That Wall:

Truth be told, there isn’t much you can do once a hole has been created in your wall. To be on a safe side it is always better to pre-plan it or if you are someone who wishes to keep changing the aesthetics, a better advice would be to create templates out of cardboard and hang them on the wall. That was you can enjoy the luxury of experimentation as often as you feel like!

Be Bold:

More often than not, your bathroom gets neglected of the attention it deserves. Use bold wallpapers, especially for those tricky angles, in order to conceal and jut-outs and give the area a wider vibe to it!

Larger The Art, Bigger The Space:

Despite the most common misconception that a smaller space should have small art and furniture, many designers believe that this couldn’t be further from the truth. It is said that large pieces of art should be used for such spaces in order to make them as the focal point, which in return will make the space feel grander!

Mild is Majestic:

A mild colour palette can work for both maximalist and minimalistic approach. Not only will it give you a soothing vibe every time you walk inside the door but also provide with a safety net as almost every pattern works with these colour scheme. To add more dimensions, you can always use different textures something as simple as a chunky knit throw or those majestic embroidered coverlet!

Mix and Match:

If you are just starting out or wish to step outside your comfort zone, it is highly recommended that you assess with inexpensive elements. Use different throw pillow pairings or unique wall art before moving on to changing the wallpapers. This way you’ll know what works and what is a bug no-no with cutting a hole in your pocket!

Show Bed-Skirt The Place:

If you are vintage lover who cannot do with the bed-skirt and are tired of keeping it in place, then we have just the solution for you. Believe it or not, the solution is a simple pin. Use upholstery pins on the deck of the box spring and through the skirt top and you are done!

Spread Out:

At all cost, you must avoid creating a visual chaos! To highlight your focal points, you must space our your aesthetics to give each element enough breathing room. Not only will it be pleasing to the eyes but it will also ensure that no object is overshadowed by the other!

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