~ A sparkling ode to the ancient ruins ~

This season, Prakshi Fine Jewellery, the house of contemporary and plush jewels, unveils an exceptional collection of diamond jewellery crowned with rare cuts of solitaires. Fashioned to life through finest craftsmanship, Rewind Collection translates the breathtaking beauty of awe-inspiring monuments to expertly crafted diamond jewellery. The famous archaeological ruins are reimagined as stunning minimalistic jewels for everyday wearability in this modern portrayal of historical treasures.

Featuring an enchanting union of iconic shapes encrusted with colourless diamonds, Rewind is a picturesque reminder of the past through symbols of triumph and tragedy that carry fleeting but everlasting chronicles. With modernistic designs inspired by the captivating visuals of history, these striking diamond creations in Rewind stand out as pure indulgence for the quintessential modern women of today’s time.

On my trip to Italy once, when everyone was busy fancying the marvels of monuments around, I couldn’t stop gazing at the beauty of the unfinished ruins of the colosseum.” - Prakshi Sharma.

The meticulous setting of uniquely cut colourless diamonds in the Colosseum ring renders a mesmerizing effect like no other. The delicate and dainty gemstones held together in 18K yellow gold are sure to add a vivacious spirit to one’s style. Swirls of sparkling white diamonds bloom in all their glory in broken column earcuff and choker necklace – the most lustrous creations in the range. Each diamond-studded creation brought to life by the expert designer is symbolic of Prakshi Fine Jewellery’s state-of-the-art designing. The coveted jewels by Prakshi Fine Jewellery embody elegance and balance as it is made by the finest craftsmen of India, using responsibly sourced precious metals and stones. Personifying a minimalist vocabulary of clean lines and natural forms through modern everyday staples, Prakshi Fine Jewellery is set to redefine the casual luxury space.

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